Anycast DNS Network

Accelerate Your Website With 16 Global Anycast DNS Locations

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Anycast Global DNS Network

Increase end user experience today! Our DNS network architecture places your IP address across multiple hosted name servers, globally. It then automatically directs browsers to the closest name server containing your IP address to decrease latency. Click here to find out more about Netsonic's Anycast DNS network.

Anycast DNS

100% Fully Redundant

With Anycast DNS if a server were to become unavailable the service automatically routes your users to the next best path within the network.

Anycast DNS

Load Balancing

Anycast DNS will re-route your site traffic, based on location, to balance website load globally. This will prevent outages and optimize network speed.

Anycast DNS

Resilient DNS Defense

With duplicated IP addresses being distributed throughout the network, DoS attacks that do occur will be localized, affecting only a portion of the DNS network.

Anycast DNS

Simple Web Interface

Manage your domains in an easy-to-use web based interface.