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Earn Money With Reseller Hosting

Build your own web hosting business with Netsonic's Reseller Hosting Program. We offer our hosting resellers (simply defined as a client with multiple
dedicated servers), the ability to purchase Netsonic dedicated servers at a very significant discount.

These servers may then be used by your business or resold in your market of expertise and choosing, at a price you determine and set. Resellers may
market the servers to the public with the Netsonic brand, or private label the product as their own.

The hosting industry is growing larger every day, take advantage of this growth. We will provide the security, infrastructure and capital investment,
while you can acquire clients and earn money.


The only requirement is that you have three or more dedicated servers. Reseller status is based upon approval by Netsonic. Reseller status can be
revoked at any time, however, past discounts will remain for all recurring billing.

There is no setup fee to join the Netsonic Reseller Program. Annual billing discounts will remain for all recurring fees. This means, if your recurring
fees are paid annually, you could receive a total discount of 30% on all of your Netsonic services!

Once you have purchased your third server, contact us and enjoy your Netsonic services at an even lower cost.
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End User Support

Support is provided to the reseller only. The reseller is responsible for supporting the resellers end users.
Billing is done for the reseller and the reseller is responsible to bill for the resold servers to the end user.
Receive A 20% Discount Off ALL Netsonic Products! Receive a 20% discount off all Netsonic products when you order your 3rd server. Applies to dedicated server hosting only.