CDN Server Accelerator
The majority of an end-user's page load time is spent on retrieving content, our server accelerator improves slow load time by optimizing,
compressing and replicating your data onto a network of servers throughout the globe with zero effort on your part.

CDN Server Accelerator

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Accelerate your entire server by 30-50%, regardless of number of sites.
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Fully Managed CDN
Benefits of a global CDN without the hassle of configuring and maintaining a CDN platform.
CDN Server Accelerator

CDN Benefits
Even a 1-second delay in your site load time can frustrate your clients. Accelerate your website speed, resulting in a better end-user experience, greater search engine rankings and reduced bounce rates.
CDN Server Accelerator

High Availability
With your content being distributed across servers in multiple locations, you can easily cope with traffic spikes, congested networks, or outages by accessing an alternative point.
CDN Server Accelerator

Reduced Latency
Using lossless data compression your images, stylesheets and JavaScript’s are compressed to reduce file size and bandwidth usage and delivered from the nearest CDN location to reduce latency.
Great Solution For:

• Video Streaming

• Mobile Apps

• Gaming Software

• Audio/Video/Images
The table shows the results of benchmarks for a virtual server running
a typical e-commerce website, with and without Accelerator enabled.

CDN Server Accelerator
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
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CDN Server Accelerator