SpamArmor - Netsonic's Spam Filtering Service

Email is the number one method used to access and attack an organization's network. Bolster security defenses with Netsonic's SpamArmor.

Spam Filter

Domain-Wide Spam Filtering

Defend your mailbox against spam, malware, viruses, spy-ware, phishing attacks and other email-borne threats.

Searchable Quarantine

All offending and suspicious email is held in a secure quarantine with the ability to review and release if misidentified.

Learning Filter

As spam continues to evolve, the filter will automatically detect these new threats and adapt.

Easy Setup

Setup is quick and easy. A simple DNS change to your MX record is all that is needed to redirect all domain email through the spam filter.

Never Miss An Email

Have a report emailed to you daily, containing all held quarantined messages, ensuring good email is never lost.

Filtering Protections

Filters incoming email with 100% virus block, 99.9% spam block and a 0.03% false positive rate.

Spam Filtering Interface

Super-easy interface allows for client controlled email and domain white and black listing.

Server Management Packages

Sorry, SpamArmor cannot be used with Google, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo, Verizon, AT&T or cable provided email accounts.