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Personal or small business anti-spam solution

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Filtering Protection

Filtering Protection

  • 99.9% Spam Block Rate
  • Low False Positive Rate 0.03%
  • Filters Incoming & Outgoing Email
  • 100% Virus Block
  • Simplified Email Security

    Simplified Email Security

  • Client Controlled Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Release/View Quarantine Messages
  • Instantly Adapts To Attacks
  • End User Daily Quarantine Report
  • Advanced Features

    Advanced Features

  • Flexible Per User Settings
  • Domain Wide & Individual Settings
  • Full Control Panel & Interface
  • Double Anti-Virus Engines

  • Be spam free in minutes! Submit your order, adjust your MX records & enjoy your spam free email. No other setup is required.

    Daily Spam
    Quarantine Report

    • You will receive a daily report which will allow you to review quarantined messages and determine legitimacy.

    • Easily whitelist and deliver messages from the quarantine to your inbox, right from the report.

    • Simply delete the remaining spam messages or leave for the system to automatically delete after a designated period of time.

    • View threatening messages containing viruses that were caught before reaching your email network.

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    Quarantine Report
    Report Tab

    Real-Time View of all Mailing Activity

    • The Reporting tab allows you to view all mail activity in real time.

    • Use the Reporting tab to mark clean messages as spam. The engine will learn not to send the same type of email in the future. Click here to find out how.

    • Use the simple interface to whitelist or blacklist email addresses.

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    Sorry, SpamArmor cannot be used with Google, AOL,
    Outlook, Yahoo, Verizon, AT&T or cable provided email accounts.
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