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Human error, natural disasters, viruses, and ransomware will happen. Avert, prevent and mitigate these disasters with a disaster recovery solution, for quick restoration and minimized downtime, from any data interruption. We provide a variety of solutions to meet your data protection and minimizes recovery time which allow you to maintain and continue business operations.

Fully Replicated Secondary Location

A cost-effective alternative to building a remote datacenter to host your hot, warm, or cold offsite servers. Safely house your fully replicated server environment, away from your primary location, while remaining in full control of your server setup.

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Full Cloud Server Backups

For servers that do not see a lot of change, this is a cost effective solution. A full weekly backup captures the full state of your server within one backup server set. All server configurations are retained within the backup file. This is the quickest backup recovery solution available.

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Fully Managed R1Soft Backups

Continuous data protection with incremental backups. R1Soft is created with the ability to know what changes have been made before the backup operation begins, eliminating the need for file-by-file comparisons, making the speed for completing the backup faster, and drastically reducing disk and I/O space used.

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Fully Managed Offsite Replication

Move your disaster recovery operations to the cloud for a high availability scenario. With our global load balancing solution, we can disperse your data across VM's in multiple locations, so if an event were to take down your primary VM it will be detected and automatically failover to another VM location on standby.

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Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & Backup Stats


The percent of companies that had to execute disaster recovery plans last year.


The percent of businesses hit with ransomware that permanently lost part or all of their data.


The percent of businesses that go bankrupt after 10-days of data loss.


The percent of disasters that involve power loss.

Redundancy. Resiliency. Recoverability.

Floods, fires, tornadoes, viruses, and ransomware happen. Painlessly transition to a replicated environment without complications when a disaster arises.

Redundant Utilities

Downtime can be avoided all together with our redundant utilities. Backup components will automatically kick in should a utility failure occur.

Staying Connected

With our carrier neutral network, you are empowered to select from a variety of providers for redundancy and optimum bandwidth.

Keeping You Secure

Your equipment will be safeguarded with continuous video surveillance, escorted access, firewall protection and a proactively monitored network.

Low-Risk Zone

We are located in a low-risk disaster zone, keeping your equipment protected against extreme weather situations.

24/7 Expert Support

We have experts to assist during any disaster situation. Leverage our team to get your business back up and running as soon as possible after disaster strikes.

Available Workspace

Emergency office space available with WiFi access.

What Are You Doing To Prevent Costly Downtime?

You cannot predict the future, but you can be prepared. How long will your company survive after an outage, data loss or disater event before experiencing the crippling ramifications? Weeks, days, hours, minutes...seconds?
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Just because someone says you are protected doesnt always mean you are. Verify, validate and guarantee this is the case.