Green Bay, Wisconsin Datacenter

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  • Concrete structure for stability and security
  • 9,000 square feet of expansion available
  • Industry-standard hard floors and overhead cabling
  • Surpasses local area building codes
  • ECARO 25 clean agent fire suppression system



  • Carrier neutral facility with both aerial and buried fiber
  • Capacity to Time Warner (multiple 10Gb) and AT&T (Gb)
  • Juniper MX-Series routers/switches for wire-speed traffic management
  • Proactive monitoring immediately alerts technicians of failures 24 x 7
  • Additional dark fiber from AT&T and Time Warner in place

  • Environment


  • Liebert 10 and 30-ton air handling units
  • 12' ceilings keeps hot air well above servers
  • Air temperature maintained at 72F (+/-4F)
  • No basement, structure is graded above roadway and storm drains



  • Commercial power routed underground to dedicated transformers
  • Diesel generator with ~96 hour runtime between refueling
  • Overhead power sources, full structure grounding and fault isolation
  • Fault tolerant power redundancy