Netsonic - Your Green Bay, WI Datacenter

Find out more about our datacenter facility and infrastructure.

Datacenter Facility

- No basement, structure is graded above roadways and storm drains.
- Concrete, structure for stability and security.
- 9,000 square feet of expansion available.
- Industry standard hard floors with overhead cabling.
-Surpasses local building codes.

Network Infrastructure

- Juniper MX-series routers/switches for traffic managment.
- Proactive monitoring with immediate failure alerts 24/7.
- Multiple 10Gb backbone provides diverse physical paths.
- Carrier-neutral facility with both buried and aerial fiber.
- Additional dark fiber from AT&T and Time Warner.

Server Environment

- Clean agent ECARO-25 with fire detection sensors.
- No damaging residue or moisture.
- 12' ceilings keeps hot air well above servers.
- Humidity and temperature monitored for an ideal operating environment.
- Hot/cold aisle configuration.

Datacenter Power

- Dedicated 1000Mbps fast ethernet port connection to every cabinet.
- Commercial power routed underground to dedicated transformers.
- Overhead power sources, full structure grounding and fault isolation.
- Robust 1200-Amp 480-volt service - nearly 1MW of power capacity.
- Power supply efficiency for green datacenter operations.


- Generator with ~96 hours of runtime between refuels.
- Instantaneous power fail-over for continuity during an extended power outage.
- Protection against surges and spikes.
- N+1 fault tolerant power for resiliency.
- 60 Tons of redundant Liebert cooling and climate control.

Data Security

- Video surveillance throughout facility and perimeter.
- Safe Wisconsin location, far away from natural disaster zones.
- Network is secured with an intrusion detection system and managed firewalls.
- Private facility with escorted access only.
- We do not mine your data for any reason.