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Your data is important. Safeguard it with our backup services.

What Are Your Infrastructure Challenges?

Do you need better uptime, higher bandwidth, data redundancy or lack inhouse staff to maintain data protection? Take our onsite server room self-assessment at the link below to find out if colocation could add value to your current server setup.

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What Is The Cost Of Your Server Setup?

Do you have onsite servers? Do you know how much money is being invested into keeping them running onsite? Take the survey to get a clear picture into the cost of managing server infrastructure onsite. Once completed compare to the cost of colocation with a free no hassle quote sent via email.

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Full Cloud Server Backups
  • Backup captures the full state of Cloud or Flexi DedicatedV server within one backup server set.

  • Full backups are performed weekly.

  • Server configurations are retained within the backup file.

  • Backed up in our Green Bay, Wisconsin datacenter, away from most natural disaster zones.

  • Quickest backup recovery solution available.

  • This solution is great for servers that do not see a lot of change, so there is not
    the need to constantly backup. Fully Backup My Cloud Server Now!
    Full Cloud Server Backups
    Fully Managed Offsite Backups Fully Managed Off-site Backups
  • Remote backup stored in a secure off-site datacenter for quick data recovery.

  • Off-site server fully managed and monitored.

  • Data protection through redundant storage at multiple physical locations.

  • Stored in a highly scalable storage infrastructure with the ability to expand space as needed.

  • Completely automatic, set your off-site backup and forget about it.

  • We can schedule your backups to run nightly, weekly or monthly to meet your needs.

  • This solution will replicate your on-site server backup and send a copy to a durable off-site datacenter. Launch An Off-site Backup For Extra Protection Today!

    Netsonic R1Soft Backups The Netsonic R1Soft backup service is a high performance disk-to-disk backup service enabling Linux and Windows disaster recovery and bare-metal restores. Learn More.

  • Create your backup frequency to run every 5 minutes, nightly, weekly or monthly.

  • Deduplication and file compression speeds up file backup time and reduces backup size.

  • Multi-platform backup including physical, virtual, Windows and Linux servers.

  • Protect data with multiple backup copies of servers through multiple point replication.

  • Backup full servers or individual files from cloud or dedicated servers.

  • Fast and simple individual file to full bare-metal restores.

  • Bring extra security to your data with 256-bit AES encryption for only $15/mo.
  • Netsonic R1Soft Backups
    Choose The Right Backup Plan For You! Find the ideal backup solution for your server requirements and gain peace-of-mind. Combine plans for extra data protection. Add a service at anytime.
    Save 10% when you pay the year in advance!
    Weekly Cloud Backup Pricing Off-site Package Pricing R1Soft Package Price
    Backup Type: Full System Image (Snapshot) Backup Type: Full System Image (Snapshot) Backup Type: Full System Image or Incremental
    Infrastructure: Cloud or Flexi DedicatedV Infrastructure: Cloud or Dedicated Servers Infrastructure: Cloud or Dedicated Servers
    Backups Performed: Weekly Backups Performed: To Meet Your Needs Backups Performed: To Meet Your Needs
    Storage Space: 100GBs Storage Space: 100GBs On-site and Off-site Storage Space: 20GB
    Fully Monitored
    & Managed
    Fully Monitored
    & Managed
    Fully Monitored
    & Managed
    24/7 Customer
    24/7 Customer
    24/7 Customer
    Purchase Additional Storage Space: 25GBs for $6.25/month Purchase Additional Storage Space: 25GBs for $8.50/month Purchase Additional Storage Space: 10GBs for $4.50/month
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