Plesk Obsidian + Netsonic

A Safe, User-Friendly Control Panel Designed For Web Professionals and Simplified Web Hosting.

The Power Of Plesk - More Than Just A Control Panel

Plesk simplifies web management while providing the tools needed to easily build, maintain and secure websites.

Atomicorp Brute Force Protection

ModSecurity rules enforce firewall to detect and prevent against common website and web application attacks and other exploits.

Block Worms, Trojans & Viruses

Target spam email & remove it before it reaches your inbox. Stop malicious mass-mailing web scripts from sending spam.

Integrated Web Developer Tools

Fully integrated with Docker, Git, WordPress Toolkit, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and DNSSEC to easily aid in site development.

Tailored Editions To Meet Your Specific Needs

(*) Available as premium extension.

Web Admin Web Pro Web Host
Number Of Domains Up To 10 Up To 30 Unlimited
WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack
Subscription Management
Account Management
Reseller Management

Plesk Features & Tools

Tools to make developing, maintaining and securing sites easy.

State-Of-The-Art Control Panel

Easily run, automate and manage your server applications and websites through a centralized location with a single login point.

Ready-To-Code Environment

The intuitive Plesk interface is a PHP, Javascript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java and .NET code ready environment.

Mobile Manager

Administrators can access their Plesk servers from iOS and Android devices for core administrative functions.

Security Core By Atomicorp

With the largest library of rules in the industry, this firewall detects, prevents and safeguards against common website and app attacks.

ServerShield By CloudFlare

Automatically blocks hackers, spammers, botnets and DDoS attacks. Includes extended generation CDN for website acceleration.

Spam Protection

Protection against worms, Trojans, damaging viruses, email spoofing and malicious mass-mailing web scripts.

Plesk Obsidian Extensions



Docker allows Plesk to deploy and run a variety of software products in Docker containers.



Deploy apps and websites in Plesk from local/remote Git repositories.


WordPress Toolkit

Secure and mass manage all WordPress instances, plugins and themes.



Deploy Ruby apps on your domains. Both Ruby on Rails and Sinatra are supported.



Deploy Node.js apps, start/stop/restart them, install NPM packages and edit config files.



This extension enables you to protect DNS data with Domain Name System Security Extensions.

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Plesk Onyx is an add-on service available with our Shared, Cloud, Global VPS and Dedicated Server hosting packages.


Ideal hosting solution for small business owners.

Cloud Server

Excellent for websites requiring on-demand scaling.

Global Cloud

Perfect for extreme scaling and a geographic preference.


Great fit for companies with high IO or additional compliance needs.