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Business Owners
  • 50G Data Storage
  • Daily Backups
  • 99.999% Uptime
  • (24x7 US Support
  • 256-Bit Data Encryption

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  • 50G Data Storage
  • Daily Backups
  • 99.999% Uptime
  • (24x7 US Support
  • 256-Bit Data Encryption


Start Saving Time & Boosting Efficiency

QuickBooks Hosting by Netsonic provides accountants and business owners with secure servers to install their licensed QuickBooks desktop software on, allowing for anytime, anywhere, multi-user access.

Spend Time More Effectively

Your time is worth money, stop wasting it on transporting, uploading and downloading data.

Device Freedom

Stop being tied down to one desktop with the ability to access your data from any internet connected device.

Improved Accessibility

Access, edit, share and store your data with ease, at anytime, from anywhere.

Familiar Look & Feel

Access to the same QuickBooks desktop interface and functionality in only a few more clicks.

Accomplish More

Collaborate and work on the same data simultaneously, in real-time.

Version Compatability

We can install and run almost any desktop version of your already licensed QuickBooks in our cloud.

Hack Proof Protection

Enhance your existing security technologies with 256-bit data encryption while at rest and during transfer.

File & Data Recovery

Easily recover and restore accidentally deleted files and data quickly with access to daily backups.

Easy Collaboration

Designed to take team work to the next level with multi-usesr access to the same real-time data.

Single Tenant Environment

A secured environment, dedicated solely to you, with 100% resource access for high-performance.

Zero Server Maintenance

Eliminate the time and expenses of server upkeep and QuickBooks software upgrade installs.

No Lengthy Contracts

No longer-term commitment, cancel anytime without additional fees.

Netsonic QuickBooks Hosting
Your QuickBooks desktop program wherever you are.
How Does Hosted QuickBooks Benefit Accountants?
Hosted QuickBooks offers an ideal solution for accounting professionals to easily access, connect and collaborate with clients' and their data, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Download a quick summary sheet showing the benefits of hosting your QuickBooks with Netsonic.
Hosted QuickBooks

Increased Data Accuracy
With instant updates, eliminate the time wasted on manual data re-entry and trying to keep information up-to-date and accurate.
Hosted QuickBooks

Provide Better Business Insights
Real-time visibility allows for a clear overview of your clients current finances, allowing you to gain deeper insight into their financial position.
Hosted QuickBooks

Eliminate Commuting Costs
Remote accounting allows for instant access to your clients data from anywhere, removing the need for onsite visits and reducing commuting time and costs.
Hosted QuickBooks

Multi-User Access
Simultaneous access allows you to update the same company file, as your client, from different locations.
Hosted QuickBooks

Secure Environment
256-bit SSL data encryption technology and firewall protected servers secure your clients data during transfer, and while at rest.
Hosted QuickBooks

Easy Multi-Branch Sharing
Connect multiple office branches, no matter their location, to the same client data with ease.
Hosted QuickBooks

Maintenance Free IT
Gain back time associated with QuickBooks software installs, maintenance and upgrades.
Hosted QuickBooks

Cut IT Costs
Eliminate the cost and hours spent maintaining on-premise servers and infrastructure.
Hosted QuickBooks

Strengthen Brand Awareness
When your clients access their desktop it will be branded to your company logo and colors.
Hosted QuickBooks

Save Time Stop wasting time on inefficient processes, such as waiting for clients to send you information via thumb-drive.
Hosted QuickBooks

Data At Your Fingertips Free yourself from being tied down to one computer and having all data stored on one non-backed-up hard-drive.
Hosted QuickBooks

Worry-Free Version Compatibility Remove the challenges faced working with client data in different versions of QuickBooks.
Netsonic Hosted QuickBooks Vs. QuickBooks Online

    Netsonic Hosted
Full data control  
Exact same features as QuickBooks Desktop Version  
Exact same interface as the QuickBooks Desktop Version  

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50G Data Storage
Daily Data Backups
99.999% Uptime
24x7 US Support
256-Bit Data Encryption

Clients pay as low as
$39 a user per month.

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